Friday, January 16, 2015

My Story

I can't imagine life without these little bottles of AMAZING oils!  They have become a huge part of our everyday life. We can breathe better and not getting sick as much! The oils also helped with my kids super duper dry skin problems.  I love seeing Young Living Essential Oils changing the lives of my family and friends. 

     There are so many Essential Oil companies popping up left and right. How do you know which one is best? Besides being the world leader in Essential oils for the last 20 years, I believe that Young Living's Seed to Seal process confirms why they are the best in the Essential Oils industry. Young Living makes sure that we are getting the purest form of essential oils every step of the way! The less chemicals, the better for us, our kids and our planet! I want my kids to THRIVE NATURALLY! Take a look at the other tabs to learn more about Young Living.

The Premium Starter Kit is a great introduction into the world of essential oils and allows you to use some of the most beloved oils! I particularly love that a diffuser comes with the kit.  This is my #1 method of using the oils as it allows the whole family to get the benefits from it with no effort at all – we just breathe as usual! 

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